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Tammuz 17

Tzom Tammuz

Moses breaks first tablets, Exod 32:19

Romans breach Jerusalem, Titus takes other cities

End of 1st Temple services

King Menashe idol in Temple, 2Kings 21:7

Apostomos burns Torah

Jerusalem massacres by Godfrey kills 30,000, 1099

Toledo massacre, 1391

American Independence Day, July 4, 1776

Rabbinical Assembly of the Jewish Theological Seminary organized, 1901

Bialystok massacre, 1941

Liquidation of Kovno ghetto, 1944

Purim of Jonathan b. Jacob of Fulda, Purim Sheli

Abraham Athias, burned at Cordova, 1667

Death of R. Meir b. Isaac, tosafist, 1312

Death of R. Judah b. Asher (son of Rosh), 1349, Iggeret ha-Tokahah

Birth of Aaron Worms, Talmudic author, 1754

Birth of Gustav Freytag, German poet, writer of Jewish characters, 1816

Birth of Joseph Joachim, famous musician, 1831

Birth of Otto Stobbe, author of a history of the Jews in Germany, 1831

Birth of Leo Lewanda, Russian Jewish writer, 1835

Death of Louis Marcus, archaeologist, Paris, 1843

Death of Eliaa H. Lindo, Jewish historian, London, 1865