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Tammuz 19

Moses ascends Mt. Sinai for second time, Exod 33:11

Nazism declared only party, 1933

Meshullam Cusi starts first Hebrew publisher in Italy, 1475

Opening of the Rabbinical Conference at Breslau, 1846

Death of R. Aaron Samuel Koidonover of Cracow, 1676, Birkat Shmuel

Death of R. Meir b. Joseph Teomim of Lemberg, 1773, Birkat Yosef

Death of R. Isaac Halevi Herzog, 1959, Divrei Yizhak

Death of Mordechai Manuel Noah, US politician, Zionist, 1851

Death of Hirsch Luntschutz Darshan, Prague, 1624

Death of John Wolf, bibliographer, 1739

Death of R. Samuel E. Meyer, Hanover, 1882

Death of Wolf Frankenburger, Bavarian politician, Nuremberg, 1889

Death of I. Brasch, painter, 1900