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Tevet 21

Shimon born 1567 BCE, and dies

Death of R. Zevi Hurwitz of Rzeszow, 1798, Ge'on Zevi

Purim Ancona, Italian Jews survive earthquake, 1690

Birth of N. M. Adler, chief rabbi at London, Hanover, 1803

Birth of Asher Sammter, author of works on Jewish science, Dernburg, 1807

Birth of Henry Russell, 1812

Birth of Solomon Lefniann, Sanscritist, 1831

Birth of Eugene Duhring, anti-semitic author, Berlin, 1833

Death of Samuel Bleichroder, founder of banking house, Berlin, 1855

Death of George Eliot, writer, 1880, Daniel Deronda

Death of Henri Herz, French pianist, 1888

Death of Sir Julian Goldsmid, M. P., 1896

Death of B. Spiers, Dajan and Talmudic author, London, 1901