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Tevet 24

Purim of Shariff (Sherif), Tripoli spared, 1745

Mt. Sinai Hospital founded, 1852

Death of Schneur Zalman of Liadi, 1812

Earthquake in Israel kills 3000, 1837

Death of Jacob b. Moses Bacharach, 1896, Ha-Yahas le-Ketav Ashuri

Death of Naphtali HaCohen, formerly rabbi at Frankfort, Constantinople, 1719

Birth of Joseph Salvador, author of a work on Mosaic institutions, 1796

Birth of R. Liebmann Adler, author, Stadt Lengsfeld, 1812

Birth of Sigmund Hinrichsen, statesman, Hamburg, 1841

Death of Meir Eisenstadter, rabbi and Talmudic author, Unghwar, 1861

Death of Jacob Bacharach, Hebrew scientific writer, Bialystock, 1896