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Tevet 28

Pharisees beat Saduccees, 81 BCE, began rabbinic period

Birth and death of Shimon, 1567-1447 BCE

Death of Asher Ginsburg, 1927

Death of R. Berechiah Berakh, 1664, Zera Beirakh

Death of David Nieto, chacham of London, 1728, Esh Dat

Death of Jacob Kann, philanthropist, Frankfurt, 1700

Birth of Joseph Israels, Dutch painter, 1827

Death of R. Hananel Neppi, Hebrew writer, Cento, 1836

Birth of William Bacher, professor at Budapest, 1850

Death of S. Guensberg, preacher in Berlin, Breslau, 1860

Death of Lazarus Adler, rabbi at Kassel, 1886

Death of Marco Treves, architect, Florence, 1898

Death of R. Adolph Moses, author, Louisville, 1902