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Tevet 4

In 2012, 12/21 was doomsday in prophecies, earth aligns with galactic center, and completes one wobble

Cairo Peace Conference opens, 1977

Death of Isaac ha-Levi Satanow, poet, 1805

Death of R. Moses Zev of Bialystok, 1829, Marot ha-Zova'ot

Death of R. Joshua Isaac Shapira of Slomin, Reb Eisele Harif, 1873, Emek Yehoshua

Death of Israel David Miller, Orthodox writer, 1914

Birth of Sandy Koufax, baseball hall of famer, 1935

Birth of Anton von Rosas, anti-semitic writer, Funfkirchen, 1791

Birth of Theodore Griesinger, anti-semite, novelist, Kirmbach, 1809

Death of Samuel Bernstein, chief rabbi, Amsterdam, 1838

Death of Edward Bendemarm, 1889

Death of Paulus (Selig) Camel, Jewish missionary and scholar, Berlin, 1892

Death of Daniel Rosin, teacher at Breslan seminary, 1894

Death of Moritz Popper, Jewish historian, Prague, 1895