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Tevet 6

Hungarian Parliament passes laws giving Jews political equality, 1868

Death of David Shimoni, poet, 1956

Death of R. Meir of Emdin, 1808, Tevu'ot Shemesh

Death of R. Morris Tomashov, 1960, Avnei Shoham

Death of Zadek Cohen Belifante, rabbinical author, Raussnitz, 1700

Death of Paul Wolf, councillor, physician, champion of the emancipation of the Jews, Dresden, 1857

Death of R. Isaac Lowi, Reform rabbi, Furth, 1873

Death of Matthias Straschun, Maecenas and Talmudical scholar, Wilna, 1885

Death of R. S. L. Schwabaeher, Odessa, 1888

Death of Ludwig Philipson, Bonn, 1889

Death of Philip Abraham, English author, London, 1890

Death of Cecilia Furtado Heine, French philanthropist, 1896

Death of Henry Lumley, author and inventor, London, 1902

Death of Julie Baroness Cohn-Oppenheim, philanthropist, 1903