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Tishrei 12

Abraham told that Sarah will bear a son

Aaron Levi founds Aaronsburg PA, 1786, first US city named for a Jew

Louis de Torres, recent Christian convert, sets foot in America calls turkey Hebrew tuki, 1492

Death of R. Abraham b. Dov Baer of Mezhirech, Malakh, 1776, Hesed la-Avraham

Death of Menachem Ussishkin, 1941

Birth of Johann Ludwig Ewald, evangelical pastor, advocate of Jewish emancipation, 1747

Birth of Hermann von Zeissi, medical professor, Vierzighuben, 1817

Death of Joseph Pen, champion of modem culture, Tarnopol, 1838

Death of Jacob Herz, physician, professor in Erlangen, 1871

Death of Max Henoch, mathematician, Berlin, 1890

Death of Ernst Renan, critical theologian and friend of the Jews, 1892

Death of Martin Steinthal, Berlin physician, 1892