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Tishrei 15

Sukkot I

Death or burial of Jacob

Eliezer leaves to find Isaac a wife

Ark of the covenant brought into Holy of Holies

Joshua reads law to the people

Construction of Tabernacle begun

Dubno massacre, 1648

7000 Jews expelled from Kiev, 1898

Death of Joseph Solomon Delmedigo, Yashar of Candia, 1655, Ya'ar Levanon

Death of Saul Tchernichowsky, poet, 1943

Death of Joseph Solomon del Medigo, critical author, Prague, 1655

Death of R. Abiad Sar Shalom Basilea, theological author, Mantua, 1743

Birth of Fanny Arnstein, leader of the Vienna Salon, Berlin, 1757

Death of Meshullam v. Joel Hakohen, Talmudic author, Lemberg, 1809

Death of Israel ben Shabbetai, the Koenicer Maggid, 1814

Death of Max Konigswarter, French politician, Paris, 1878

Death of R. Elias Grunebaum, Landau, 1893

Death of Saul Kowner, Russian medical and philosophical author, 1896

Death of Charles Daly, historian of the American Jews, New York, 1899

Death of Von Scheurer-Kestner, champion of Dreyfus, 1899

Death of Saul Isanc, M. P., London, 1903