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Tishrei 18

Sukkot IV (CH''M)

Death of Jacob

Italy grants rights, abolishes ghetto, 1870

The reform temple in Hamburg opens, 1818

Israel occupies Beersheba, Jacob's home, 1948

Death of R. Meshullam Phoebus b. Israel Samuel, 1617, Shemot Gittin

Death of R. Nahman b. Simhah of Bratslav, 1811, Likkutei Moharan

Death of Israel Abrahams, historian, 1925

Death of Eleazar of Brody, rabbi of Amsterdam, Safed, 1741

Death of R. Jedidja Tiah Weil, author, Karisruhe, 1805

Birth of Miehel Levy, prominent physician, Strassburg, 1809

Birth of R. Manuel Joel, theological author, 1826

Death of Frederic Cerfberr, French consul in America, at sea, 1842

Death of Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst, pianist, Nizza, 1865

Death of Hermann Sternberg, author of the history of Jews in Poland, Vienna, 1886

Death of Mayer Carl V. Rothschild, member of the German Reichstag, 1886