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Tishrei 21

Sukkot VII

Hoshana Raba

Birth of Joseph

Haggai pushes Zerubbabel to build Temple, Hag 2:1

Ten evil Nazis justly sentenced to death at Nuremberg, 1946

Columbus discovers America, 1492

US begins war in Afganistan

Death of evil Hermann Goehring, cowardly committed suicide the night before he was to be justly hanged by the neck until dead, 1946

Death of R. Mordecai ha-Kohen of Berzon, 1630, Zon Kedoshim

Death of R. Jacob Joseph of Polonnoye, disciple of Baal Shem Tov, 1783

Death of R. Dov Baer of Zagor (Zagare), 1803, Revid ha-Zahav

Birth of Mattityahu Straschun, Maecenas and Talmudic author, Wilna, 1817

Death of Aaron Horwitz, chassidic author, Straszydlov, 1828

Death of Peter Riess, physicist, the first Jewish member of the Berlin Academy, 1883

Death of R. Adolph Hubsch, author, New York, 1884

Death of Johanna Goldschmidt, authoress, Hamburg, 1884

Death of Maurice Stiwkosch, impresario of Nilsson, 1887

Death of Siegmund Hinrichsen, President of Burgerschaft, Hamburg, 1902

Death of Dovid Moshe Friedman, wonder rabbi, Chortkov, 1903