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Tishrei 9

Erev Yom Kippur

Rebecca born, 1677 BCE

Two tablets, day of forgiveness, 1313 BCE

Death of R. Akiva, 135

Death of R. Judah ha-Nasi, editor of Mishnah, 135, Seder ha-Dorot

Burial of R. Eleazar b. Simeon, co-author of Zohar

Jewish Institute of Religion opened, 1922

Death of R. Abraham b. Jacob Saba, 1508, Zeror ha-Mor

Death of R. Abraham Abele Gombiner of Poland, 1683, Magen Avraham

Death of Abraham Basch, Neo-Hebraic author, Berlin, 1841

Death of Therese Warendorif, religious poet, Hamburg, 1865

Death of R. Benjamin H. Auerbach, author, Halberstadt, 1873

Death of Hector Cremieux, dramatist, Paris, 1892

Death of Michael Erlanger, philanthropist, Paris, 1892

Death of Jacob Segre, colonel and director of arsenal, Turin, 1894

Death of Hugo Rheinhold, sculptor, Berlin, 1900

Death of R. Sussmann Sofer, Talmudic author, Pacs, 1902