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Given that there are billions of webpages online, it is amazing that certain two-word phrases do not appear on the web or appear very infrequently. Although a total waste of time, a collection of rare phrases was accumulated. Of course, as time goes by certain phrases are not as rare as they used to be.

An attempt was made to use each one of the phrases in a sentence. Many of these are very natural, while others are contrived. None of these usages is simply a list of words, although in some cases an intervening comma seemed unavoidable. If you have a better usage in mind, please pass it along for inclusion - admin@opencharm.com. Thanks!

pickle belly
This started it all and there are no reasonable sentences using 'pickle belly.'

southern plied
The men, who were all Southern, plied their trade.

bed stapler
He used the bed stapler to attach the material to the floor.

numb elbows
The electroshock therapy left her with numb elbows.

rum petal
The flower was the color of rum, petal after petal just needing a paper umbrella.

siren hosiery
Fishnet stockings are the siren hosiery of a bar fly.

bat souls
I hear that bat souls hang upside down just below the floor of heaven.

nickel locket
Her nickel locket was not as shiny as the Joan's silver locket.

pacifier disease
My baby has that thing in his mouth so much, he must have pacifier disease.

dainty sprayer
It was such a dainty sprayer that little more than a fine mist emerged.

shoot snoot
If you can shoot snoot hairs off that boar, you are a better man than me.

foot ponder
When you move your foot, ponder the complexity of your body.

fancy haddock
That fancy haddock dinner was nearly more than I could afford.

fill rag
A fill rag is used to add the material through capillary action.

split cleat
It was risky to tie the ship to that split cleat.

noodle shoe
Naturally, the rigatoni model of George Washington had a noodle shoe.

shop clod
At the farm shop, clod after clod of manure hung from hooks.

eager tourney
An eager tourney contestant showed up two days early.

black scow
The black scow gathered up the most hazardous trash.

sleek cheese
The sleek cheese wheel was fitted with chrome handles.

desk stoop
After finding her desk, stoop down, crawl under, and wait.

yellow pleat
The single yellow pleat on her red dress seemed odd.

dandelion relish
I can give you the recipe for dandelion relish, but it is not very good.

spry car
The new Mazda is a spry car, smoothly turning at full throttle.

surfer pound
We all saw the surfer pound his board after missing a great wave.

helm spoon
He grabbed the helm, spoon still in his hand from breakfast.

barnacle treasure
The researchers found a barnacle treasure trove under the pier.

handy noodle
He used a handy noodle recipe to prepare a quick feast.

squid rampage
When squid rampage through the reef, all the crustaceans hide.

brush haste
Brush haste aside and take your time with that.

box greeter
The Jack-in-the-Box greeter was handing out little hamburger models.

gamble sash
She took a gamble, sash in one hand, and raced toward the bus.

camel fallacy
The idea that camels don't need water is a camel fallacy.

whistle maze
If you continuously whistle, maze challenges in cornfields are ruined.

comfort loath
Those who love comfort, loath hardship.

frigid finalist
The last person to make the top ten in the Iditarod was quite the frigid finalist.

handle runt
The trainer could handle runt tigers more easily than their stronger brethren.

sharpener guild
As an expert blacksmith, he also was part of the sharpener guild.

full rumple
The full rumple capacity of the silk shirt was apparent after that night on the airport floor.

swing scarab
Swing scarab amulets above your head to begin the spell.

cartoon oboe
Bugs Bunny played a cartoon oboe in the symphony.

crayon happening
There was crayon happening all over my wall, and I was not happy.

sticky hamper
The sticky hamper was primarily covered with honey from the beehive incident.

clean lender
The bank had no lawsuits pending and was considered a clean lender.

fill sprain
When you fill sprain medication prescriptions, be sure to bring your mommy.

fake lard
In addition to that horrid oleo, the company was now marketing fake lard.

precise parka
She finally found the precise parka that she had seen on television.

soil locket
If you soil locket hardware, you can clean it with acid.

pastoral umber
They painted the room in a pastoral umber that was warm and relaxing.

placid lassitude
The placid lassitude of the prairie stream soothed his soul.

pernicious apprehension
A pernicious apprehension controlled him, reinforcing his agoraphobia.

predictable mastication
I could set my watch by the predictable mastication pattern of my dinner companion.

prevent palatial
A law was enacted to prevent palatial estates from being built by elected officials.

spangled holder
The neckerchief of his patriotic costume was retained by a spangled holder.

spinach scarf
The macaroni model of George Washington had a spinach scarf.

spent shores
After the hurricane, the spent shores of North Carolina were bare rock.

spill capers
Please don't spill capers all over my pizza.

spit fingernail
She spit fingernail clippings into my coffee.

spun battery
The spun battery didn't stop until it fell off the table.

ridiculously neatly
He folded the paper ridiculously neatly before putting it in the recycling bin.

preposterous greeting
A friendly handshake between archrivals is simply a preposterous greeting.

froth seated
The froth seated firmly atop his beer.

patterned patents
He patterned patents after those of Edison.

anticipate splendorous
I anticipate splendorous things in the future.

crustaceans devoured
The crustaceans devoured their food.

insatiable helix
The insatiable helix assimilated the alien.

vacillate proficiently
If I could really vacillate proficiently, I'd never have to make a decision.

beneficent puddle
A beneficent puddle provided water for the intrepid adventurers.

colossal jalopy
And now the aircraft carrier is a colossal jalopy.

toppled shrub
The toppled shrub could not be righted after the ice storm.

processed pans
They processed pans of gold looking for the elusive nugget.

crystal impairs
Faults in the crystal impairs its ability to refract light.

famed spill
A famed spill in Alaska came from the Exxon Valdez.

last prevaricator
The last prevaricator told a terrible lie.

blanket Creole
They blanket Creole chicken with spinach.

key contrition
A key contrition technique is to say, "I'm sorry."

careless pint
A careless pint of beer went streaming over the table.

dismantle fruit
He volunteered to dismantle fruit displays for a little free food.

expending flour
They were angry because he was expending flour for trivial things such as cookies.

frigate unchanged
The intense artillery barrage left the frigate unchanged.

alligator smokes
The experience of riding an alligator smokes white water rafting.

caramel extracted
Chewing that caramel extracted the filling from his second molar.

granite lampshade
The granite lampshade broke the table. The granite lampshade was thin enough to be translucent.

seated fruits
He firmly seated fruits atop long poles for the ceremony.

rhythmic pelican
Rhythmic pelican wings droned on in the distance.

piano rejects
His older player piano rejects the newer paper rolls.

stage outpace
The students at this stage outpace those at lower stages.

after dulcimers
The trumpets chime in, after dulcimers play the melody.

facial fried
A Tabasco sauce facial fried her skin.

rampant paw
Rampant paw infections can limit a dog's mobility.

pajama conventions
Pajama conventions differ for men and women in both fabric and buttons.

gasping widow
When the coffin was stolen at gunpoint, the gasping widow nearly fainted.

hippies rifle
Desperate hippies rifle through any campsite not being protected.

clear gooseberries
The crystal vase was decorated with small clear gooseberries.

locusts exhaust
When the locusts exhaust the plants in one field, they move on to another.

voice prevarications
To voice prevarications is to lie.

plastic oregano
Barbie cooks with plastic oregano. Plastic oregano plants never caught on as centerpieces.

paper derail
Could this single sheet of paper derail a freight train?

mixed affidavits
They mixed affidavits from the two suspects in the same folder.

peach banisters
The mod stairwell was lime green with peach banisters.

mod stairwell
The mod stairwell was lime green with peach banisters.

passing boysenberries
We found him passing boysenberries off as gooseberries. Inside the commune, the revellers were passing boysenberries around the table in a small bowl.

chaotic punts
After four chaotic punts, he finally landed one on the field of play!

meeting tripeds
During my exploration of the galaxy, upon meeting tripeds, I immediately wondered what they do with the extra shoe.

shine saxophones
I will sit and shine saxophones all day in my new job at the factory.

hunt invalids
The creatures hunt invalids in their sleep.

lava manifolds
Enormous plumes of blazing hot gasses shot from lava manifolds in the hillside.

communicate insolent
I found it difficult to communicate insolent remarks that did not resonate with me.

hospital's crepes
The hospital's crepes weren't bad, and you don't need teeth to eat them.

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