Scientific Authorship:

More than 60 peer-reviewed publications
More than 100 scientific presentationas worldwide
Technical reivews of dozens of manuscripts each year
Publications in top journals including Science
Revises manuscripts for foreign authors
Invited to give talks and publish major review articles

    Textbook Authorship

New and revised chapters for Mader Biology, Inquiry, and Human Biology
Student Study Guide for Prescott Microbiology (>500 pages; 3 editions)
Online Connect and LearnSmart packages for Prescott Microbiology
Authoring new microbiology textbook for nonmajors not in allied health
Creating hands-on wet-lab laboratory series for AP Biology using household materials

    Technical Reports

Authored dozens of technical reports for federal and state agencies
Produced subject-specific reviews for major manufacturers
Prepared testimony and documents for legal proceedings
Generated technical reports on collaborative research projects