I have led biology research programs for 30 years in a wide range of scientific areas. Unlike many scientists whose entire career is narrowly focused on a very specific problem, I have peer-reviewed publications in topics from microbiology to plant biochemistry to environmental and medical applications. You get the benefit of this wealth of broad experiences when you consult with me.

PDF of Dr. Schneegurt's Complete CV

    Publication and Funding

I have authored and published more than 60 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals, including Science, Journal of Bacteriology, and Microbial Ecology. I have been awarded over 25 competitive research grants totalling more than $5M.

    Leadership in Education and Outreach

I have worked with the public schools of Wichita, the largest city in Kansas, for over a decade bringing research into the classroom and securing over $1M in funding. My programs have impacted more than 10,000 students with hands-on molecular biology activities. "Pass Me the Salt" research clubs allow students to perform primary research in their high school classroom, culminating in papers in scientific journals with high school teachers and students as authors. This work includes the generation of classroom laboratory activities that can be performed using only household materials, but mimic complex techniques done in an AP or college biology course such as DNA gel electrophoresis.

    Education and Training

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, BS 1984, MS 1985 in Biology

Brown University, PhD 1989 in Biology, plant biochemistry

Eli Lily/DowAgro, Postdoc, agrichemical discovery

Purdue University, Research faculty, microbiology, cyanobacteria, molecular biology, manned Mars missions

University of Notre Dame, Research faculty, applied and environmental microbiology of petroelum operations and products

Wichita State University, Professor, environmental microbiology, extremophiles, life on Mars, bioimplantable devices, algal biodiesel, pre-college outreach and education