Public Speaking

I have given more that 100 presentations worldwide at local, regional, national, and international events. I have been an invited speaker at scientific symposia, education conferences, and local organizations. Teaching Biology 101 for nonmajors for 12 years, I've developed an ability to make challenging concepts understandable through entertaining stories and connections to everyday life.

    Presentation Titles and Topics

"Life on Mars: Are We All Martians?" - an update on current knowledge about the potential for past and current life on Mars

"Homemade Biology Laboratory Activities for Classroom and Homeschool" - practical lesson in using household materials for hands-on biology wet-lab activities that rival those offered on college campuses

"Dead Cats and Corn Cobs" - a look at undergraduate research opportunities for college-bound high school students

"The Ethics of Scientific Authorship" - learn about accepted practices for reporting scientific results and the publication process

"Extremophiles: Life on the Edge" - a colorful look at the tenacity of microbes living in extreme environments from boiling pool of acid to frozen salt deserts