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Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk

Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk was a well-known Tzadik, the student of Dov Ber of Mezerich, and the brother of Meshulam Zushia of Anipoli. He was born in 1717, and died in 1786. During the lifetime of Dov Ber of Mezerich he traveled widely with his brother all over Poland to spread Hassidism. After Dov Ber's death, Rebbe Elimelech settled in Lizhensk and attained great fame, thanks to his lofty life. During his lifetime, Lizhensk was turned into a center of Polish-Galician Hassidism. There, many famous Tzadikim and Hassidic activists of Galicia were educated and obtained their inspiration during the 18th century.

Rebbe Elimelech was the author of "Noam Elimelech" (Lvov 1798), a book of commentaries on the Pentateuch. In that book, the role of a Tzadik is set out and explained, and the doctrine of Hassidism is explained in greater detail. This book was subject to an intense investigation by the opponents of Hassidism. (Yisrael Leibel from "Yedia Meheimna", 1799). Many of his expositions are published in his work "Darche Tzedek", and other works.

His son Elazar the Lizhenski took his place after his death. At the end of the works of Rebbe Elimelech, the sermons of his son Elazar are published. The heir of Elazar was his son Reb Naftali.

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