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Cheshvan 10

Birth and Death of Gad, 1409-1255 BCE

Weizmann Institute of Science dedicated, 1949

Death of R. Jehiel Michel Teimer, 1720, Seder Gittin

Birth of Jacob Hamburger, author of the Jewish Encyclopedia, 1826

Ferman of the Sultan issued against blood accusation, 1840

Death of Moriz Horschetzky, physician and Jewish writer, Kanisza, 1859

Death of Alexander Mendelssohn, the last Jew of Moses Mendelssohn's family, 1871

Death of Ignaz Hirschler, ophthalmologist and member of the Hungarian House of Lords, Budapest, 1891

Death of Ferdinand Ludwig Neuburger, dramatic writer, Frankfurt, 1895

Death of Charlotte von Emden, Heine's sister, 1899