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Elul 18

Chai Elul, every creature appreciates being alive

Birth of Baal Shem Tov, 1698

Chassidic movement founded, 1734

Ethiopian (Falashas) Fesitval of the Eighteenth marking deaths of the three Patriarchs

Political independence under Simon the Hasmonean, 141 BC

Amalekites defeated Jews, Num 14:45

Emancipation of the Jews in Holland, 1795

Death of R. Judah Loew b. Bezalel (Maharal of Prague), 1609, Golem of Prague

Death of Jimi Hendrix, musician, 1970

Death of R. Isaac Chajes, 1613, Api Ravrevi

Death of Moses Aaron Shatzkes of Kiev, 1899, Ha-Mafte-ah

Birth of Sylvester de Sacy, Orientalist and friend of the Jews, 1758

Birth of Karl Streckfuss, apologist of the Jews, but of anti-semitic leanings, 1788

Birth of Joseph Eotvos, advocate of Jewish emancipation, 1813

Birth of J. J. Sylvester, English mathematician, 1814

Death of Immanuel Cappadoce, leader in Jewish congregational life, Amsterdam, 1826

Death of Bernhard Horwitz, chess player, 1885