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Elul 19

Printing of Minhagei Maharil by R. Jacob Moellin, 1556

Antisemetic Lindbergh speech, 1941

Corner-stone of M. M. Noah's Jewish state laid at Buffalo, 1825

Death of R. Hayyim Beneviste, Smyrna, 1673, Knesset ha-Gedolah

Death of Jacob Cansino, author, Oran, 1666

Birth of Gottlieb Schmelkes, physician and author, Prague, 1807

Death of O. L. B. Wolff, poet, convert, Jena, 1851, Improvisator

Death of Hermann Goldschmidt, painter and astronomer, Fontainebleau, 1866

Death of Simon Fubini, professor and medical author, Turin, 1898