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Iyyar 29

44th day of the Omer

Death of Samuel the Prophet, 878 BCE, minor fast day

Hezekiah smashes Asherah poles and sacred stones

Segovia massacre, 1474

End of Six Day War, 1967

Act of Confederation guaranteed the rights of the Jews in the German Confederation, 1815

Death of R. Gabriel Dessauer, 1878, Yad Gavriel

Count Potocky, proselyte, burned in Wilna, 1753

Death of Fr. Albrecht Augusti, convert, Eschwege, 1782

Birth of Samuel Hirsch, philosopher of religion, 1815

Birth of Emile Erckmann, French ghetto novelist, 1822

Death of Daniel O'Connell, Catholic advocate of Jewish rights, 1847

Death of Israel Deutach, anti-Reform rabbi, Beuthen, 1853

Death of Feisch Fischmann, Maggid, Pressburg, 1881

Death of Michael Heilprin, celebrated scholar, New York, 1888

Death of Wilhelm Freund, philologist and champion of emancipation, Brealau, 1894

Death of Simon Samuel, professor of medicine, Koenigsberg, 1899