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Nisan 18

Pesach IV (CH''M)

3rd day of the Omer

Yom HaBikkurim, First fruits, day after pesach shabbat

Purim of Bomb, Fossano spared massacre, 1796

Pharaoh informed of Jews escape, Exod 14:5

Death of R. Meir Abulafya Ha-Levi (Ramah), 1244, Yad Ramah

Death of R. Gustav Gottheil, New York, 1903

Birth of Solomon Suizer, cantor and composer, Hohenems, 1804

Birth of A. S. Weismann, Hebrew literateur, 1840

Death of David Proops, last representative of the famous printing firm, Amsterdam, 1849

Death of Isaac Erter, physician, satirist, Brody, 1851

Death of M. Wiener, Jewish historian, Hanover, 1880

Death of Emil Bessels, north pole explorer, 1888

Death of Joachim Oppenheim, rabbi in Thorn and Hebrew author, Berlin, 1891

Death of W. Herzberg, German author, Brussels, 1897

Death of Hillel Kahane, teacher and worker for the "Enlightenment," Bottuschan, 1901