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Sivan 12

Ethiopian (Falashas) Shavuot, 50 days from end of Pesach, Festival of First Fruits

Last day to bring korbon chagigah, the Shavuot offering

Constantinople falls to Turks under Mohamed II, 1453, more rights for Jews

Bavarian edict on the Jews promulgated, 1813

Death of R. Isaac b. Samson Ha-Kohen, Prague, 1624, Kizzur Mizrachi

Death of Israel Michael Rabinowitz, 1893, Legislation Civile du Talmud

Death of R. Chajim Kimchi, Constantinople, 1735

Birth of A. A. Wolff, chief rabbi of Copenhagen, Darmstadt, 1801

Death of Benzion Frizzi of Ostiano, apologist of the Jews, 1844

Death of Lionel Nathan Rothschild, member of English Parliament, 1879

Death of G. R. Halphen, mathematical writer and French artillery officer, Versailles, 1880

Death of R. Joseph Aub, Berlin, 1880

Death of Meir Heimerdinger, justice of the District Court in Karisruhe, 1883

Death of Calmann Levy, publisher, Paris, 1891

Death of P. E. von Noorden, musician and composer, 1896

Death of Leon Kahn, Jewish historian, Paris, 1900