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Sivan 14

Start of Jewish revolt against Rome, 65

Regulation of the political status of the Jews in Sweden, 1782

The law concerning the emancipation of the Jews in the Province of Posen, 1833

Death of Samuel Cohen Ashkenazi, 1523, She'elot

Death of R. Moses Brandis Charif, 1761

Death of R. Hayyim b. Isaac of Volvozhin, 1821, Nefesh ha-Hayyim

Birth of Johann Jahn, Catholic theologian and exegete, 1750

Death of Chajim ben Isaac of Woloshin, founder of the famous Yeshiva, 1821

Death of Anton von Ilosas, physician and anti-semitic writer, Vienna, 1855

Death of Solomon Alexander Hart, painter, 1881

Death of Barney Barnato, South African mine speculator (suicide), 1897

Death of Eugene Manuel, poet and pedagogue, Paris, 1901