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Sivan 6

Shavuot I

Yom HaBikkurim, Yom HaKahal, Hag HaKazir

Enoch ascends to heaven

Pilgrimage of Mesopotamian Jews to Ezekiel's tomb

Tower of Babel language confused

Jews expelled from Rome, 1527

Asa renews covenant

Death of King David, 847 BCE

Issachar born

Moses drawn out of water by Pharaoh's daughter

Abraham defeats five kings

Uriah divorces Bathsheba

Pogrom in Rostov Russia, 1882

Pogrom in Lodz Poland, 1905

Death of Baal Shem Tov, Miedzyborz, 1760

Death of R. Abraham Mordechai Alter, 1948

Death of Chajim ben Bezalel, Hebrew grammarian, Friedberg, 1588

Birth of Rachel Levin (Varnhagen), 1771

Birth of Grace Aguilar, Jewish author, London, 1816

Birth of Heimann Steinthal, philosopher and philologist, Grobzig, 1823

Birth of Simon Fubini, professor, medical writer, 1841

Death of B. A. Herrmann, dramatist and manager of the theatre, Hamburg, 1876